Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recap of the weekend

I have decided to take Wendy's advice & stick to the bike because of my toe. It is purple today. It doesn't hurt when I put shoes on, which I'm grateful for. I can't wear heals so I'll be relegated to sneakers this week. Glad I have cute ones. Ha.

I can do flat footed exercises so I won't miss my deadlifts tomorrow. BIG SMILE! I'm seeing such great improvements in my butt I do not want to skip those. The only exercises I will be skipping will be those that require me to flex & bend my toes--lunges, step, elliptical.

My headache finally went away. I took Rose's advice & got some sinus stuff--went with Claritin D. I sort of knew it was sinus but didn't want to deal with having to go to the store but had to go buy yogurt so...

Obviously haven't tried pull-ups again yet but when I do, I'll take Wendy's advice & try pulling into my elbows. Unfortunately I can't hold myself up no matter how I hold my hands. I'm just weak I tell ya. LOL

I don't know if any of you remember my lily pictures from last year...I planted another 100 bulbs this year. I have 2 vases stuffed with stargazers. My house smells wonderful! I'm taking some to work tomorrow.

John starts his new job tomorrow. I'm not happy about it but it is better than being unemployed & he very well could have been in 6 months. It's our hope that the economy will turn around & he'll find something here very, very soon. If not...he'll continue to commute until he does.

This week he is staying down there. Erin got him a good rate with Extended Stay America (the chain she works for). The cost of the room is about what the commute would cost so it's very reasonable.

He's getting up at 4:00 tomorrow. I'm going to get up with him & do my leg workout before work. When he starts commuting I'm going to try to do this every day. I know so many of you do it. I guess it will mean going to bed earlier than we already do.

Starting this week I'm also going to take my fitness time at work. I AM. This is something I have to do for myself to keep sane. I'm losing my mind with the stress I allow to creep in & I am coming to a point where I refuse to let this happen anymore.

I've got my lunches for the week planned & my vegetables chopped. It's just a matter of packing now.

ETA: I wanted to get a 40 minute ride in tonight but time got away from us & we didn't finish dinner until almost 7. By the time I finished my weight workout it was already 7:20. Then by the time I got my shoes on & we got out the door...Thirty minutes. 4:00 AM is going to come way too soon.

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Doin the Math said...

I love this post! So positive, despite the broken toe. Way to work around it, Deb!

We need pics of the lillies! :)

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