Monday, July 20, 2009


I was going to make this a comment but it got so long I decided to make it a post...

Marie, I totally get what you are saying about the house but it's more than just not wanting to move. We would have to come a minimum $50k out of pocket to sell & we don't have that kind of money. Barely have that in our retirement accounts because I didn't work until I was well into my 30s & John was in the AF & they didn't offer anything resembling a 401k until after he retired. That's the biggest issue with moving; we can't afford to sell. I should have said that. I also don't want to.

If Erin could afford to live on her own--believe me, she would. She hates living by our rules (that she not stay out all night with Eric being the only really big one). I get that she's 23 but she's not paying rent yet & until that time she will live by that one rule. Once she graduates she will pay rent & then she will be turned loose.

I do think it's going to be hard on our marriage even if he doesn't find a room to rent down there. Military couples do the year apart all the time--um, what do you think the soldiers are doing in Iraq? Their marriages make it. Ours is stronger than it ever has been. BUT I am not looking through rose colored glasses. I'm keeping my eyes open.

I am only 5'6" I swear. I was wearing 2 1/2" heels when we went to dinner. I'll make Wendy measure me. LOL

Sandi, seriously? You're 5'6"??? Really? And you wear a size what? 6? Dang! Some day.

I am in a good place; today. I swing wildly (I'll bet you've noticed). For the first time since starting to workout some 10 years ago I am achieving the body type I want. I am concerned about burnout & giving up & doing damage. That's why I'm dialing back for a while.

I sent Wendy an email. We're going to talk more about what I need to be doing when we get up there next weekend.

MARIE WE'RE GOING TO MISS YOU! But totally get that you need to take care of business.

It's taken him just over 2 hours to get home tonight. He's found a way around Baltimore traffic.

Time to eat. Flounder & asparagus. Yum (really).


Doin the Math said...

Another thing in common! Our house in the Yakima Valley would cost us about $60K to sell, IF we had taken the offer we got 2 years ago. Now, no doubt, even more. Sucks ass! :(

Hey, my word vefification is "sands". :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry, that sucks!! I think a lot of people are in that situation right now.

Am I reading that the job is just a year-long thing? (Maybe I'm losing it, lol.) Perhaps it will be a good thing for you guys, give you an opportunity to spend some time on yourself, you know??

Deb said...

No, the job has a 10 year contract. By then he'll be retirement eligible & hopefully we'll be ready to do just that. We're giving this a year before he will start looking for a new job back here.

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