Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stronger & stuff

First the stuff...

I have no idea why some of you can't post. It makes no sense. Everyone is listed (that I want listed). You know who you are if I want you listed. LOL If you aren't on my list...well, you aren't reading this, are you? teehee

We're still waiting for Serge to get transferred. The "referral" has been sent to the nursing home from the hospital. They are going to review his history & let us know if they can take him tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

I've been busy but also just eh. I haven't felt like posting or even reading blogs. I haven't read emails, answered texts, or anything. I had my phone turned off all weekend. Something I NEVER NEVER do.

I think I'm depressed but can't say why. Things are good. Things are very good. We're enjoying each other's company & having FUN. I mean, seriously having fun. We've been playing Wii & horseshoes in the yard, swimming, & hanging out with friends. It's been good but I fell like SHIT.

I'm gaining weight like crazy. I'm up to 162. Of course I know that's because my diet sucks. Seriously sucks. And then not being able to work out...yeah, oink, oink.

But then here is the "Stronger" part...

I have been given the clear to start lifting! I was told that I need to do my pt every day (I haven't been) & that would include lifting weights!!!!! I did 5 lb dumbbell curls in pt today. Woohoo!

I know I have to start somewhere & this a very positive step. So, tonight, I'm going to take a nap & then I'm going to workout. I think I'm going to do turbulance training. I have a couple of "freebies" that I got from Rose & then an old one. It will be sooooo good to have DOMS.

Kiss those barbie doll pink dumbbells GOOD BYE!!!


Wennndy said...

Maybe you just need a break from everything for a while. :) I need to do that soon, honestly.

Fingers x'd everything works out for everyone's best interests on the Serge front. Poor guy.

Yay on ditching the baby weights!!!

Deb said...

You might be right...a REAL vacation may be in order. I had to turn the radio off on the way home tonight. I just couldn't even listen to the mindless chatter of the (what the hell do you call those people now) djs. Unfortunately, it's going to be mid-August before I can do that...I have 2 business trips & coming to see you on my calendar.


Wennndy said...

anything new on serge?

Anonymous said...


Are you taking any meds or anything for the shoulder? Because you've seen what happens to me when I take anything. Also, you went through a lot of trauma recently (moving out, idiot fat boy, moving in, work stress, surgery, etc.). Weren't you also taking some anti'd's? Maybe they're not the right dose??


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