Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Three pounds!

Today was my second full physical therapy session. I have been doing theraband exercises & range of motion stuff. Last week she had me do front & side lateral raises with a 1 lb (yes, barbie doll pink neoprene) dumbbell. The burn was brutal! I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

BUT today I was handed the 3 lb purple dumbbells & told to do bicep curls, tricep extensions & 1-arm rows!!!! YEAH BABY! Now we're talking. I'm lifting weights again. Woohoo!

Been riding my bike & getting out for walks.

Nothing else interesting to report. For now...got some stuff going on with Serge but no time to post. Will try to catch you up later.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Deb! So funny how your perspective changes, eh? I just can't see you with the pink barbie dumbbell....

Deb said...

Oh yeah, I really was struggling with those little pink babies. It's truly mind boggling. Serious perspective change.

I'm working really hard on my form so that I can get back to real weights REAL soon. I've been cleared to run if the impact doesn't hurt. Yeah, I'm afraid to try. I'll stick to kicking around the pool, riding the bike, & brisk walks.

And I've edited to correct my error -- I wasn't "handle" the 3 lb dumbs, I was handed...

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