Friday, June 27, 2008

Latest on Serge

Christine is up on Cape Cod. Has been there since last Monday. She has NOT gone to see her father. WTF? It totally pisses me off. She has dumped him into the nursing home & not bothered to go visit since. Oh but she calls him. As if that makes it all okay.

He thinks he's in jail. He keeps telling John that he needs a lawyer & that he has been in prison for 3 weeks--it's been 3 weeks since he was taken away from his home in restraints, via an ambulance. He can't understand that he is in a hospital despite our continued efforts to convince him of that. He also keeps telling John that he has no money & can't even get a cup of coffee. He's mentioned that Jackie (John's mom) can't visit because she lives too far away (um, she passed 10 years ago). Bless his demented old heart.

Yeah, I'm feeling sorry for the old geezer now.

Christine told John that she asked the facility up there what Serge did to make them put him in the hospital. She says they told her that she doesn't want to know because it would only upset her. Now she's PUSHING us to get him into a facility down here because Seashore Point won't take him back unless we hire a private nurse to stay with him all the time.

I told John he needs to find out what the hell happened up there. It will not be fair to his father to bring him down here only to be put back into a psych unit because he is out of control. And if he's out of control what the fuck do we do with him any way? She's being very secretive about the entire thing & that freaks me out.

Christine wants to make John the healthcare proxy. I told John I do NOT support that until we have all of the facts on what is going on up there. She can't just do that can she? John will have to sign something before she can turn it over to him, right?

The hospital is planning on discharging him on Monday. I don't know what we are going to do.

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Wennndy said...

Christine might just be totally burnt out from dealing with Serge, and I wonder how he was treating her before all of this happened. Because something unseemly obviously happened in the nursing home for them to take that action (at least it seems that way to me, although who knows with health care facilities these days!!!).

I hope you can get all of this figured out, and I think it would be great if John could get to the bottom of all this.

Hang in there! and good luck with your training. :D

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