Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm becoming a contortionist!

Being home alone during the day has provided me with some opportunity to do things for myself. I took a bath & shaved my legs this morning. If I had been wearing a bathing suit, it might have been fun to record it. I practically had my knees behind my ears.

My left arm reach is improving to the point that I could wash my right armpit by myself. However, I did not attempt to shave it for fear of slicing & dicing.

In order to put deodorant under my left arm, I have to bend at the waist & extend my arm. Fun times.

I have my first follow-up appointment today. I hope I'm getting my stitches out & will be allowed to shower. I will find out when I start physical therapy & how much longer I'll be out of work. I'm hoping for at least another full week but am doubtful it will be much longer than that.

I'll post about my appointment when I get home.

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