Friday, June 6, 2008

Getting it together

Now that I've gotten clearance to begin moderate activity again (as if it was restricted for so long), I'm feeling very motivated. A few days ago I posted my caloric intake "requirements" based on NROL4W calculations. I've double checked them & they are correct. To maintain on days that I don't workout I would be able to eat approximately 1575 calories, 1850 on light days, & 2300 on intense days (won't be seein' those for a while).

My goal is to lose some of the fat I've put back on over the last 6 months.

Therefore, I will keep my calories a little lower than that. I'm going to shoot for approximately 1400 on light workout days & 1200 on workout days.

I've added a link on the sidebar to my fitday journal. Please feel free to view it & comment here on where I could make improvements.

I've already put what I hope to eat today in. Planning ahead, right? I also intend to ride my bike for approximately 30 minutes. Since I can't reach and lean on my arm, I am just hoping to have a nice easy ride. As my reach & strength improves, I'll start doing intervals & even take it to the road.

We're hoping to get to Dick's or Sports Authority at some point in the next week & pick up a bike for John. It will be GREAT fun to throw the bikes in the bed of the truck & go over to Philly for a ride around Fairmont Park!!!

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Anonymous said...

Deb, I can't get to your fitday journal even though I have a freebie account. Do you have to be a paying member to see others' journals? I don't think that used to be true, but maybe they changed what's available...

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