Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My girl is SOOOO talented!

She made this for one of her classes!  Her instructor usually picks her work apart but I guess that she does that because she sees something in Erin that she has been trying to bring out.  She told Erin that this is a contender for Best in Quarter*.

I don't know what time my surgery is scheduled for yet.  Still no word from the hospital.  I'm giving them another 2 hours & then I'll call & ask WTF.  

I'm starting to get scared.  Not so much of the actual surgery but of what will happen after.  I don't do well with pain.  I'm also worried that I will not get the strength or range of motion I previously had.  I know this has to be done to repair the damage but still...

*Best in Quarter--each instructor selects one piece of work from each class to showcase & compete for (duh) Best in Quarter amongst all of the classes.  Go Erin.

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