Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can't let a guy with a halo on his leg out do me!!!

There's a guy at work that is in what is known as our "patient squadron."  Basically this is for members of the AF that have been injured or become ill to the point of not being able to work for an extended period of time & are sent to a base close to the member's family so that they can be cared for in a "nurturing environment."  A very cool thing the AF does for SOME but not all ill members.

Anywho, this guy, George, was stationed over at Aviano AFB, Italy & was in a serious motorcycle accident.  He was taken to Ramstein & then med-evaced to Walter Reed where he was in-patient for a couple of months.  In January he came home to NJ to complete his rehab & we inherited him.

He lost a kidney, his spleen, broke 10 ribs, his scapula, & still has a break of the tib-fib of his left leg.  This leg has a halo like someone that has had a neck injury.  It's kind of cool & kind of gross all at the same time.  He knows how fortunate he is & very grateful. Oh & this just happened to him in August.  He's made a really good recovery.

He's been working out in our physical therapy department on the elliptical.  He's been asking me to go with him on days that no one else is going.  AND NO WE ARE NOT GOING THERE. He's nice but hasn't made any inappropriate comments.  I decided that I would go back to the treadmill today because he was like a lost puppy dog with no ball to play with.  

We went up to p.t. & climbed aboard our machines.  He on the elliptical; me on the treadmill.  I hit the tread running.  Nothing too serious.  Just enough that I knew my body was not ready to start back up again.  But I wasn't gonna let this guy show me up.  

After about 10 minutes he reached up & hit the cool down button.  I was SOOOO happy!  I finished a mile & hit cool down myself.  

what a weenie I am.  Sigh.  

Seriously, I'll give it another shot tomorrow but I'm not pushing myself too hard until Sunday when I'm doing a 5k--Race for the Cure.  

I'm running that with Erin, her friend Alana, my friends, Leanne & Kat.  My mom is going to do the walk portion with Leanne's daughter.  After the run, we'll call the walkers & meet them so we can all cross the finish line together.  What geeks!

Wendy--you asked which races I'm looking at.  I'm just looking at them all--not much but training for a 1/2 in September.  I'll do the Joint Base Race on 6 September--if I'm able to get sufficient training in after my surgery--which is just 3 short weeks away now.  Then depending on how I'm feeling in October, I'll do the Philadelphia Distance Run. 


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