Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today was legs (duh)...

leg press: 1x12 @ 110 lbs, 1x12 @ 90 lbs, 1x12 @ 112 lbs
leg extension: 1x12 @ 50 lbs, 1x12 @ 40 lbs, had to adjust the height of the ankle cushions, 1x12 @ 50 lbs
leg curls, 3x12 @ 30 lbs

I'll do this one more time next week & then I'll change my exercises. To what? We have that adductor/abductor leg machine in our physical therapy department. I'll do that. I'll also see what size weights we have & do something else from NROL4W. We'll see.

Tomorrow I'll try to do a longer run than I have ever done. I forgot my sports bra on Monday & couldn't run. I had only brought a HUGE tank top that was a little more revealing than I had hoped. Stupid. Ah well.

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Wennndy said...

Can you try sumo squats holding a heavy dumbbell between your legs?

I'm too lazy to type this out myself so I stole most of the below from another site, LOL

Step 1:
Place your dumbbell a few inches in front of your feet, standing on end. Stand with your legs wider than hip width. Shoulders should be back and relaxed and your focus should be straight ahead.

Step 2:
Squat down with your back straight and grip the dumbbell end with both hands. Lift the DB straight up the centerline of your body, bending your elbows out. Protect your back by lifting the weight with your hips and abdomen as your push yourself up with your legs.

Step 3:
Lower down to the starting position, making sure your knees don't track out over your toes.

How about alternating forward lunges, with DBs at sides?

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