Monday, March 10, 2008

No Maine this year

With John's father being so ill we've elected to forego our hopes of vacationing in the beautiful Bar Harbor area.  We're going to stay a few miles up the road from his sister.  Right off the Cape Cod Bike Path. 

We're going the week before the 4th of July; which isn't as crazy as you would guess.  We'll leave to come home on Saturday so that we have Sunday to recover before returning to work.

My parents came back from MD last night.  They were sent away by BK.  They pulled the life support sometime yesterday afternoon.  BK wanted to spend his last few hours alone with him.  Uncle Bob died sometime this morning.  BK told Mom that he struggled during the night.  That makes me really sad.

It also makes me sad that Dianna & Raymond (my cousins) didn't go see him before he passed.  I don't know what happened that they didn't have a relationship with him but they didn't & now they won't.  

I ran 2.5 today.  My legs were completely fried but are starting to feel better now.  I've got to find a training program on line.  I know that I'm supposed to make progress every week but have no clue how much.  I know Cool Running & Runner's World have free training programs on their sites.  I just need to find them.

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Wennndy said...

I'm so sorry about your uncle, Deb. It's hard to see them go.

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