Monday, February 18, 2008

Needing to get it together

Wendy, I don't know why I'm so pissed off. I do not feel like this at home or when I'm with John. I do think it has to do with the lack of support I get at work.

I'm trying to build a new attitude. I've been doing the job for 3 1/2 years. I'm very good at it. I know that I am. That's not arrogance, it is what it is.

I am not liking the way the meds are making me feel. I have had a headache since starting them & I'm lethargic. Not able to get my ass off the couch. I mean really. Yesterday I sat here & read, slept, read, slept all day. This morning I didn't take the zoloft & am feeling better already. I'll be making another appointment.

I am hoping to get 30 minutes on the elliptical today & do some leg work. I've got to get moving.

Since I'm not having my surgery until late May I am going to do those runs! I am I am I am.

John has been away this weekend. He went to see his sister & father on the Cape. He comes home today & I'm looking forward to seeing him. Yeah, really. Go figure.

Okay I guess I should go shower & get dressed. Things to do...


Anonymous said...

I didn't like zoloft at all, and also stopped taking it cold turkey, which you are not supposed to do. You've only been on it briefly so maybe you won't have any issues, but I used to get these brain zaps and other weird things - it was awful.

I've had great luck with Welbutrin, and a friend of my swears by Effexor. My psych said they're all pretty much the same, it's just a matter of figuring out which combo works with your body chemistry.

Wennndy said...

I hope you feel more like yourself -- minus the rages!!! -- soon, Deb.

I'm also glad you were looking forward to seeing John. :)

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