Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time to blog but what to blog about???

Let's see...I guess I'll start with fitness. I have gained another .6 lbs this week. I am now officially back where I was when I started LA Weightloss 18 months ago. I guess it's not a terrible thing but but up 20 lbs in a month just SUCKS! And if I had not gotten my period last week (and like clock work every month) I would swear I am pregnant because it's all in my stomach. I've taken to saying I'm carrying a food baby. Honestly, it's all the food I have been eating. Oh & probably the wine (as I am just returning from pouring a glass).

I've been running again. I have run 4 times in the last 8 days. I'm doing Cardio Coach. I'm increasing my speeds on the treadmill. Today I did Volume 2 (the original) which runs about 33 minutes. I did 2.75 miles!!! I am running/jogging the entire time; with the exception of the warm up. I'm very happy with that.

Like the rest of you, I cracked & bought NROL4W. I'm enjoying the read & plan to put some of those recipes to the test. Funny enough, I thought the peanut butter bars sounded yummy & then saw that Laura posted the recipe on her blog & Wendy commented about them. I've never used flax so I'm going to have to find some & give it a shot.

I put my food into my fitday log today (remember way back when that I bought the "home" version?). It gives you more room for custom foods. And it will allow you to enter recipes like the ones in NROL4W so I will be able to track my food with them. Today I've had 1561 calories (+ the wine which I haven't added yet). I'm not starving so I guess I'm okay. This food intake is based on my LA Weightloss plan. I can see that I really should increase my food intake because even using Weight Watchers Flex Plan I could eat about 200 calories more but I'm not gonna.

I am going to try to do my first NROL4W workout tomorrow. Yes, I will be very careful with my shoulder. The first sign of pain I will stop--even a twinge. I promise. I just can't be still anymore.

Okay so here's what you all really want to know...(yeah, I know in my dreams)...John & I met with Jim & Ruth again on Thursday. She really wants me back in that house. We talked about it & I told them I want to know that John is committed to his counseling this time. I want a track record. I don't want lip service. I don't want to move back & have John quit going for therapy. Jim said he can get on board with that so long as 6 months from now I'm not saying the same thing. If 6 months from now I'm not seeing a commitment I won't be meeting with Jim & Ruth anymore--I told them that.

They are committed to walking with us through this. They don't let us get away with anything. ANY THING. I like that. If one of us is bull shitting them, they throw the flag.

John & I went to Cape Cod this weekend. It was very nice. He went to see his dad & I chilled at the house. We had a good time hanging at a bar on Sunday & watched the Patriots win their division. Yes, I really know what that means. I'm a football bitch. LOL

OWIE! My piercing is itchy tonight. I just scratched it & caught my fingernail on it. It pulled a little. Ouchie.

Okay, it's late enough that I can go to bed & read without worrying that I'm going to bed to early & people will think I'm depressed. I'm not.

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Anonymous said...

Good lord, if going to bed early makes one seem depressed, I am practically six feet under! I don't really ever watch TV any more so my relaxation time is jammies, in bed, with a book and a dog. :-)

I'm glad things sound like they're going better, but I will tell you that you are a far better woman than me - if someone told me what I HAD to do, I would immediately do the opposite. And probably punch her. xox

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