Friday, December 14, 2007

Shopping & stuff

I have to go to Kohl's tonight to see if I can find an IPod docking station for Erin. I could get one anywhere but this one has great sound & is only $55. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tomorrow night John & I are going to dinner & the mall. YIKES! I haven't been to the mall in forever. We're going to laugh at people stressing about their shopping. It should be fun.

I'm loving McDonald's Eggnog milkshakes! I know how bad they are for me but man, oh man, they are delish!

I need good chick flick recommendations. I am going to have a couple of women from the church over for movies & snacks one night after the holidays. Yes, it can be rated R. A couple of the women have really been reaching out & being supportive. Only 1 has suggested, ney, flat out told me, that I have made a horrible mistake by moving out. That individual just doesn't have a clue. The rest have been really great. Each one has separately said that they would love to come over to see my new place & love chick flicks. So I'm thinking it would be fun.

In October I helped a friend of Pam's at the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival. They were selling "homemade" cranberry jellies, jams, & chutneys. The Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest, Inc. has some of the best cranberry jellies I've ever tasted. If you like a spicy-sweet flavor I highly recommend the white cranberry pepper garlic jelly. It's great on a cracker with cream cheese. I also liked the cranberry apricot. I'm going to order several jars of each! Yummy!

I'm at peace today.


Laura said...


I'm glad you're at peace today.

This isn't a chick flick per se, but lately I've been loving the Sofia Coppola film "Marie Antoinette." It's lovely to look at, and the scenes of Marie Antoinette shopping and playing with her girlfriends are great fun.

Deb said...

Marie Antoinette is fabulous! I think I'll add that to the short list for that night.

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