Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feeling Wendy's pain

As I sit here it's snowing like a bast-ahd. Okay maybe not really. We're only in for a couple of inches but that's all we ever really get.

Also I'm feeling the depression. I am lonely as hell.

I went to see the bird John & Erin were given. He's your average parrot. He won't talk & is supposed to be quiet. His chirps were like a parakeet. But I suspect once he gets comfortable he'll be noisy as hell.

After I came home--that's a hard word to say--home--I climbed into bed & cut some serious z's. It felt good but again waking up alone sucked. I know this will pass someday but for now it sucks. I want someone to hold me & make this all go away.


Anonymous said...

((Deb)) It WILL get better. Really. Hang in there!

Wennndy said...

What she said. :)

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