Saturday, December 15, 2007

Boys suck!

John wanted to spend time together today. I went over there & we went to dinner. We spent some time at the mall laughing at the shoppers. Then we went to Block Buster to bet some movies.

When we got home I wanted to look at something on Netflix & tried to open his computer. He got all weird about it. He told me that his computer was password protected because his journal was on it. Yeah, okay, I can deal with that. Then he wouldn't let me look at what I wanted to on Netflix until I finally said, "Are you going to let me look at it or not?"

When he handed me the computer we talked about changing the subscription & sharing movies. Then I opened Word to a new document. The screen was facing him--I was sitting on the floor with my back to him. He could see exactly what I was doing. I was trying to create a document to password protect it & show him how to protect just that document.

He got all kinds of paranoid. "I have the computer organized the way I want it, could you leave it alone?" I told him I wasn't trying to change anything but was going to show him how to password protect just the document. He again told me to leave the computer alone so I asked what he was trying to hide. He told me his journal. I told him I wasn't in his journal & wasn't interested in his journal.

He kept on about it & I got pissed off & left. As I left I thanked him for ruining a perfectly good evening. He said he didn't ruin it. I told him that his paranoia ruined the evening.

How the hell are we going to work on this if he doesn't trust me when I'm sitting right there in front of him?

I was hoping that we could share Christmas but now I'm thinking too much togetherness too soon.

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