Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who am I?

Tonight my mother told me that she is seeing glimpses of the "old" me. "More content, less stressed, lighter." This makes me feel good but also distresses me to some degree. I have only been out of the house 10 days but I feel like it's been forever. I know that I am not going back but I can't bring myself to say the words out loud to John.

Because I'm taking responsibility for how he feels.

E is doing really well. She's already hinted at the idea of my dating. Not in a "go out & do it" kind of way but in a "it would be okay if you did" kind of way. Wise & wonderful woman.


stacey said...

I hope you are having a good weekend Deb.

Wennndy said...

Ditto Stacey.

Thinking of you!

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