Monday, September 24, 2007

San Antonio bound!

I just found out that I'm going to San Antonio for a week at the end of October. I'm so excited! I went 2 years ago & pretty much stayed in my hotel room at night. This time I'm going with 2 people from the NJ National Guard & will know people there. I plan on going out at least every night.

My mom called me this morning. She has taken a part-time job at her church. She has only been going to this particular church for a few months so isn't totally familiar with the programs that are offered. Today she found out that there is a program for people with porn addiction. In case I haven't told you about that, yeah, that is something John has been talking about being part of the reason for so much deception.

One of the women that runs the program is specifically trained to help the spouses of people like this. She told my mother that I am making the right move by moving out. She said it is a form of abuse & too many spouses stay in these situations. It was good for me to hear that.

My dad called me yesterday & asked me to go to dinner with him this week. I'm going on Wednesday. That will be the night I make my move out. I'm taking stuff to get me through to the weekend. I'll probably come back to the house on Saturday to get more.


Anonymous said...

((Deb)) I am thinking about you. I also think you are doing the right thing. You guys really need to get some clarity around the situation to figure out how to move forward. I think it's hard to do that when you're in the same house.

How has E. taken the news of all of this?

stacey said...


Deb said...

E has taken it in stride--it seems. She is a quiet person; like her father. She said she knew there were issues so it wasn't a surprise. We've tried to keep the details out of it for her.

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