Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I'm learning. Finally

I have been doing really well with my nutrition program. I have been paying really close attention to what I eat& drink & how my body responds. I haven't been drinking as much alcohol & had not had wine in a few weeks. Mostly been drinking vodka martinis. When I drink. I've almost completely quit having one after dinner. Mostly on weekends.

I'm losing weight and regaining on weekends still. Though it has been much less marked. The last 2 weeks than in the past. Last week I gained a lb & a half back; lost 2 to again; gained 3/4 lb back this week.

BUT Monday was incredibly beautiful. I decided that I wanted to sit on the deck with a glass of wine. So I stopped & bought a bottle. I had a glass & a half. Not a bottle. A glass & a half. WTF?! I was up 2 lbs this morning. Yep. This girl's body does not like wine.

I pounded water today & know that I will be okay. I have quit stressing about the fluctuations. finally.

I love the workouts Cathy's team creates. They are a lot of fun.

And....I had someone ask me how much weight I've lost, today. I was talking to our superintendent today & he interrupted our conversation to ask if I've lost weight. He is the first person that I see on a daily basis to notice.

John has a second interview on Friday & a first with the Coast Guard (civil service) on Monday. No house showings. We are starting to toy with the idea of taking the house off the market for a while. If he gets a job that makes anything above $40k we'll be able to keep the house. That's a huge difference than what he was making & it would be tight but it would be a place to start. If he doesn't get a job we can always re-list it in July as we currently have enough in the bank to pay the mortgage through September & we are banking his entire unemployment check so by July we would be set through November.

The safe line of thought is that it isn't costing anything to have the house listed so why not leave it. It's just what we're toying with.

Anyway, it is now 0330 & I think I might be able to sleep. Good night.


Wennndy said...

Weekend eating. UGH! The downfall of so many .....

stacey said...

Fingers crossed that John gets the job. That would be so awesome.

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