Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Even more stupid scale

Yep...No need to fret & I KNEW that. The scale is back where it belongs. Sheesh. What the hell is wrong with me? No more freaking out.

And oh yeah, loose, really, really loose pants! Ha! Who cares what the scale says? I need to stop it. BIG CHEESY GRIN

And I just got the email notification that Kim responded...See that! lol

No news on the house. John called our agent who totally pissed me off. He said he hasn't gotten any feedback. Well, can you call and ask? Oh, yeah, I guess I could. Dude, I'm going to pay your ass $18k for doing next to NOTHING to sell my house. Pick up the fucking phone & get feedback, THANKYOUVERYMUCH. ARGH!

I'm being challenged to change that freaking 4:20 meal again. I'm breaking out the blender & going with yogurt. I'll close the bedroom door. I'm going to have a Kashi waffle with coconut oil instead of peanut butter. Any other suggestions for food that can be easily & safely eaten behind the wheel?

I love working with Rachel. She's been responsive when I've needed her. It's really a nice change from what I was getting with Krista Schauss; which was non-existent.

I'm considering taking a trip up to the Mohegan Sun for the America Show. Stephanie is competing. She looks amazing already! There are a bunch of people from work going up. I've got to find out if any of them are ladies & if they have room for 1 more.

I may make the trip with Leanne if she doesn't flake out on me. She's having a tough time with her kids since returning from Afghanistan so it isn't really flaking out. That's me being critical of her behavior about the kids...long story that I just can't even begin to write out. Suffice it to say I came to realize today that she thinks like a 16-year-old & that doesn't make for good parenting.

I have to send pictures next week. I've gotten rid of my bikini because it had dry rot. Literally. So I might have to buy a new one. Maybe a cute teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini like I posted on facebook. lol


Doin the Math said...

How's John diggin your physique? Your results should make the 4:20 blender noise more tolerable. :)

I've been known to eat a bowl of oatmeal behind the wheel, so I'm not the ideal person to ask, lol.

Kim said...

Target might have some cute, inexpensive bikinis. ;-)

stacey said...

It's an end of an era! I always thought that was a really cute swimsuit. I am sure you will find an equally cute one to replace it.

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