Tuesday, February 8, 2011

from the forum

"Krista- I'm trying to follow your advice about eating less on legs days
if we want to decrease leg size or prevent them from getting larger."
WTF? This woman is a baby exerciser. Why on earth is Krista
propigating the notion that a woman is going to bulk up doing weight
work? Seriously. WTF?!
Stephanie is going to be offering functional workouts & posing classes
for $15 per 2 hour session--the first class is free. I'm looking at
going at the end of March/early April.
I set 2 pr's this morning: 95 lb front squats for 3 reps & 105 lb dead
lifts from the floor. I need to quit being such a baby & increase my
step-up weights. I'm still only using 25 lbs. I'm always skeert that
my ass will hurt too badly if I increase. Then later in the day I
always think, "really? isn't that the whole purpose of lifting? To
make your ass hurt? Next time make that step your bitch!" Silly me.

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Wennndy said...

I would work more on increasing your deadlifts before the stepups. :) But maybe have someone watch your form first so you don't get hurt.

It would be GREAT if you could do Stephanie's classes! Awesome!!!!!

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