Friday, January 21, 2011

close encounter of the Savage kind

Back story…We had a minor snow event over night but we thought we were going to get more snow than we did.  I got up an hour later than normal.  With an hour later start I decided to use the small gym across the street from my office rather than the big gym.  The dynamic of the big gym changes considerably after 6:00 AM.  I use the small gym if I have to come in later. 

This morning after my workout I was in the locker room when a woman walked in wearing all black workout wear with a pink logo.  The logo was obscured by her pony tail but I recognized it & asked her if it she was wearing “Savage Gear.”  She got excited, “You know Savage Gear?” I laughed & told her that I did & that I know a few Savage girls.  We chatted for a few minutes & exchanged names.  She told me to look her up on facebook so I did. 

Wendy & Kim are already facebook friends with Stephanie Ward, Philadelphia Ambassador for Cathy Savage.  She works in my sister unit.  It’s kind of neat knowing there is another woman in the unit that has a love of looking good!  lol  

As if I wasn’t already motivated enough this really pushed a button for me.  I need to continue to eat well & get my body into the shape I want it. 



Wennndy said...

I wondered why I got a friend request today from this woman! LOL. I accepted it.

Small world!

Deb said...

That's funny that she requested you as a friend. I mentioned that you had considered doing the ambassador thing at some point in the past but that you weren't using Cathy anymore.

Did you see her pictures? She looks that good in person! I wanted to bow in worship. lol

The funniest thing is that I saw her across the complex last summer. She was wearing a tank top so I noticed her shoulders & thought, "I wonder if that's genetic or a lot of work." My guess was both. Now I know...A LOT of hard work & probably some genetics. lol

Kim said...

Very cool on meeting Stephanie, Deb.

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