Tuesday, June 22, 2010

strange occurrence

My boss NEVER asks me anything personal.  I mean not even so much as, “how was your weekend?”  NEVER.  Today he asked me how my workout was (which I blew off because I’m not feeling well) & he asked about the competition prep (which is off for now; next April might be another story).  Anyway, I have only told ONE person in this office.  When I told that person my boss was on leave & there was no one else in the office.  It seems someone has been talking about me.  I don’t know if I am comfortable with the idea that he won’t talk to me but yet will talk about me.  It struck me as strange.  Needless to say I won’t be talking to that person again.


Since moving over here I’ve been very careful about how much personal shit I reveal.  I am only 1 or 5 women in a unit of 137.  I am not particularly interested in being friends with any of them.  Two are very much the “bull dyke,” type.  I shouldn’t say that but I can’t help it.  They are very masculine & if I had not ever seen them in shorts & t-shirts I would believe they are men.  In uniform—they look like men.  One is just really, really young.  The other remains to herself, too.  I am inclined to believe she is shy but she might also be a snotty bitch.  lol


I have been beaten down by a summer cold.  I have been thinking about what Wendy said about the wonky aches & pains that “warn” her that she is getting sick & my trap pain.  Even though this has been the worst it has ever been I do recall that the last time I was sick I thought, “WTF? Do I have meningitis or what?”  Even though I knew I didn’t; it was a moment of, “I don’t feel good,” melodrama.  lol  I am going to have to say that Wendy is probably on to something in her assessment that my trap pain might be an indicator of impending illness.  I won’t ignore it in the future. 


I haven’t worked out in a week & now I’m having trouble even thinking about getting back to the gym.  Not really.  I will get back at it tomorrow.  I’m looking at this time off as a recovery time.  I’ve been doing a reefed.  Eating mostly clean but more carbs than I normally do.  Yeah, good Italian bread!  I haven’t gained any weight.  Thank god(dess). 



Anonymous said...

I am sure the boss only meant to be friendly but I also hate people talking about me, especially personal stuff. Well, lesson learned, right?? It could have been something very embarrassing!

I hope you are feeling better. I do think you were due for some time out of the gym and I am sure you will hit it with tremendous focus.

PS: Italian bread is worth dying for. AND ending on a preposition! :D

Deb said...

Oh I'm sure he was just being friendly but it freaks me out that the one time he asks me ANYTHING at all it's something he couldn't know about if someone else hadn't told him. WTF is that? In 5 months nothing more than good morning and WHAM how's the comp prep coming along???? That's uncomfortable.

But yes lesson learned.

I haven't been hitting the gym as hard as you'd think. I have only been going about 3 of every 4 weeks. Which, along with the whole lack of diet discipline, is why I am not doing the comp. I'm looking forward to LEP and some daily check-ins.

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