Thursday, May 13, 2010

family drama & no gym

You all will probably remember that my nephew, Nicholas, was in rehab last year.  He has struggled with life issues for years.  My brother deserted Nick when he was 12 & Nick has been “a problem child” ever since.  Well, duh.  My brother has spent the last 2 years trying to correct the error of his ways by coming to see Nick & having Nick out to Kansas City at every opportunity.  


Unfortunately ex-SIL is a major drama queen.  When Nick was in rehab last year she made the comment that the program he was in was really over-the-top for a kid that was only experimenting with pot.  At his graduation party she told me that his drug of choice was Oxy.  She told my uncle & aunt that Nick didn’t graduate from high school.  She has told Nicholas that he is “just like his father,” meaning a worthless piece of shit.  The latest golden nugget that she threw at us was to tell Nick that my brother is not his father.  On Thanksgiving Day; Nick is now 18. 


About 2 weeks ago Nick posted on facebook that he was “gone for good.”  Of course that made us all nuts because he no longer has a cell  phone & the Ex wouldn’t tell us where he was.  While I was on Cape Cod my brother called & asked me to get his sister’s phone number from Erin because the Ex wouldn’t answer her phone & he was trying to find Nick.  Whore. 


At 11:30 yesterday my mother called me & asked if I would take Nick to the airport at 5:00 with her.  Of course.  Nick his going to Kansas City to live with my brother. 


This morning my mother told me that Karen says Nick has been diagnosed bi-polar.  I’ve never seen any erratic behavior from him; but I haven’t been around him for more than a week in the last 2 years.  The psychologists that I have worked with in the past have told me that a lot of civilian providers will diagnose substance abusers with bi-polar instead of dealing with the substance abuse.  I’m hoping that is what is going on with Nick. 


I hope that my brother can help Nick.  He’s such a nice kid & needs to know that we all love him. 


I took a rest day due to a headache yesterday.  Dang.  Two days in a row. 


My plan is to get back to the gym tomorrow & then be sure to do some sort of workout on Sunday. 





Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting about the bi-polar diagnosis. Substance abuse actually goes hand in hand with mental disorders. When I was active in AA I don't think I ever met a person who wasn't depressed, anxious, bi-polar, or some combination of those. So it's possible he is dealing with both. I hope he gets the help he needs with his dad.

Laura said...

That poor kid. Wow. I'm glad your brother is making an effort with him. As for your ex-SIL, well, words fail me. What a thing to lay on your child! Does your bro know he's not Nick's biological father (assuming it's even true)?

Sigh. Some people just should not be allowed to reproduce.

stacey said...

Lots of good wishes for his recovery. Hopefully, a change of place and some distance from his mother will help.

Doin the Math said...

All of our families are going insane all at once! We're still sure we're the normal ones, right? ;)

All kidding aside, I feel bad for Nick. I hope this move will be very positive for him.


Wennndy said...

What they said. And a lot of people self-medicate their disorders, so I think Marie is onto something there. :)

Hope you got to the gym!

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