Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In fact, starving today.  What’s up with that?  I know…vigorous exercise & potential fat loss.  Yay (she says, trying to remain optimistic). 


If you saw my facebook postings today I had jury duty.  I reported & went through most of the void dire but was excused without cause by the defense.  Dwayne Boone of Beverly, NJ was indicted for witness tampering in a 2008 case.  I think it’s a privilege to be a part of our judicial system.  Maybe if I didn’t get paid for the day I might feel differently.  I was bummed to be excused.  I decided it was the “right thing to do” to come to the office instead of taking a day off.  


Today was leg day—I got up & came to the gym before work.  Had a good long workout & still managed to be ready to get to the courthouse before 8:00 AM.


Straight sets

Plie squats – 95 lbs


Romanian deads – 85 lbs




Step ups – 20/15 lbs

Leaning lunges 25/20 lbs


Box jumps using 8 risers & the platform.


I wanted to lift heavier but wanted to be able to walk tomorrow.  Last week my leg work left me sore for 4 days.  I do think my sinus infection might have had something to do with how long it took to recover.  But just in case I went a little lighter than I did last week. 


I did ab crunches & Russian twists on the ball & 3 – 60 second planks. 


Finished up with 45 minutes of 2 to 1 minute intervals on the ARC trainer; the tension was at 25 but the incline was at default.  I love that machine but am trying to mix up my cardio.  Some steady state, some intervals, some tabata & functional stuff. 


I have been amiss with my nutrition.  I had an extra carb last night.  I got hungry after dinner – before bed & had an English muffin.  It was YUMMY.  It was not a smart move.  Today I had to go to the commissary.  I bought some nuts.  I found chipotle cashews.  OH MY GOD!  I had to put the can in my drawer & lock it to keep from eating it anymore. 


Not that it’s an excuse – I just realized it’s hormonal hunger not real hunger.  Have to learn to control that & not let it rule my hand-to-mouth disease. 


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