Friday, December 25, 2009

Tired & feeling yucky

My diet has been shit this week. Everything tasted yummy but I had virtually no balance. My workouts were lacking. Interestingly I lost a pound. I'm looking forward to getting it back on track again starting on Sunday--tomorrow is going to be spent on the road going to pick up Joseph. Wish I had time to meet Marie for lunch but it's 2 3/4 to 3 hours up there & then back. Yuck.

I have all of the food I need to prepare for my week. Yeah!

I got cool workout clothes from my mom--under armor pants, a shirt, & a tank. Erin gave me a gift card for Target; I'm getting a pair of pants & a t-shirt.


Wennndy said...

LOL ... during bodypump class today, I hollered, "Who feels weaker than normal today?"

Everyone raised their hands.

I laughed. "ME TOO! It's because you've been eating like CRAP!"


Hate that. It really does make a huge difference doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Sugar is the devil, I swear.

Kim said...

The holiday was two days ago. I must put down my fork.

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