Friday, October 30, 2009

In serious diet trouble; need quick advice

I can't eat 6 meals a day here. I know the portions are oversized but wonder if that is by design for the activity levels these people keep. I want to say that I ate about 6 oz of turkey for dinner but didn't have a mid afternoon meal. I had a smallish chicken breast for lunch but that was also closer to 5 oz. Breakfast was eggs--probably 3 deffinately whole eggs. I'm getting raw spinach at lunch and dinner and another vegetable of some sort. I'm completely staying away from the starches because the choices are all white; non-whole grain types. Except for breakfast...mushy oatmeal which I'm putting 1 packet of honey on to give it some flavor so I can get it down.

I was starting to get into trouble with my diet before I left because I let it go while on vacation. I know for sure I'm back over 150 because my size 8 Lucky's are tight and my size 6's...forget it!

I want to turn this around right now. I NEED to turn this around right now. The food here is disqusting and I'm very limited.

Here is what I'm thinking...keep in mind I don't have a refrigerator.

yogurt (which I believe to be low fat and sugar free but don't know for sure) and oatmeal and an apple.


yogurt and salad (spinach)
or something baked (not a cake lol)

mid afternoon

something baked a vegetable and a salad

what are your thoughts? Thanks!
something baked, vegitable,


Deb said...

I am on iPhone and can't edit properly...

Wennndy said...

Looks good to me!

And at this point I wouldn't obsess about macros. I would just eat a traditional lower-calorie diet and drink bucketfuls of water. Think like Weight Watchers. :D It'll be OK, it's only temporary. Don't freak out over the sizes of your proteins, either. They will keep you full.

This is a wacky example that doesn't pertain to the stuff on your list, but remember: A donut has fewer calories than a bagel! That certainly doesn't make a donut a good choice, but it does make it a bit better choice for the short-term till you can get back home and detox the bod.

Deb said...

Thanks, Wendy. I thought I was on the right track but am so out of my element here that I was doubting.

I'll be glad when I get over this cold & feel that working out won't knock me back on my ass again. Maybe tomorrow.

Doin the Math said...

Do you have transportation to a grocery store and a place where you can buy a cooler? Are you allowed to eat off-site (your room), or is there time for that?

If you can score a cooler and a trip to the grocery store, looked for pre-cooked chicken (those yummy rotisserie ones that you know must be injected with yummy stuff to taste so good...IMO still better than lunchmeat), bagged salad, fresh fruit, etc.

If you can't go back to your room during the day, you could at least have the stuff at your room, and bring more whole-meal snacks for mid morning and mid afternoon, to supplement your lunch and dinner options there.

My word verification is "nones", so maybe not of this is an option for you. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry to hear this, Deb. I was delighted to read a donut is better than a bagel, though, LOL.

I think the hardest part about work trips is keeping away from the junk, so I think as long as you follow what you have outlined you should be ok. Are you working out, or are you too sick?

Hang in, sweetie! xxo

Deb said...

I wish I had transportation. That's the biggest problem with this trip. We only get 5 minutes between classes. No fridge, no tv, no radio...that's why I am only doing fruit; I can get that when we go to the dining facility. It's rough! This is what our new officers are dealing with. I'm keeping a little bit of a journal so I can give you the big picture next week.

Deb said...

I was working out but my head is pounding (even with meds). I did walk 6 blocks to the library and back. I'm getting some exercise in that way. If the rain clears up for tomorrow I'll walk to the post office and base store which is a little more than a mike away (someone said it's not walking distance!!!). I'm hoping my head will clear by tomorrow and I'll be able to lift again.

Thanks everyone for you input.

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