Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The first day of the week sucks

But I managed to get out of bed & get to the gym by 5:05. I did my usual arc-wanna-be-trainer warm-up (it feels like one but doesn't look like one). Then I hit the weights. I did single-legged Romanian deadlifts with a 45 & 55 lb bar. My glutes & hams are already starting to cry. YEAH BABY!

I had enough time to do some abs & 30 minutes on the elliptical even though these weren't on the schedule.

Tomorrow is functional fitness & cardio. I'm probably going to do some abs after that.

There was a girl that I haven't seen before in the weight area today. She was doing 35 lb db chest presses. I was impressed! If I had been doing DB presses I would have been challenged to up my weight. We didn't chat but I did offer to spot her when I saw her arms tremble. She refused help--bitch. LOL

I can't get over how good I feel after working out in the morning. I'm so glad Wendy & Sandi challenged me to find a gym to workout in. I certainly wouldn't get up & do this at home. I would workout but not in the AM. The endorphins definitely help me get through the day.

Oh & for those of you that saw Wendy's facebook WalMart photo & laughed...

The People of WalMart

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