Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where to start...

Okay, how about with how much I miss Wendy & Sandi already!!! I cannot believe how great these ladies are in person & waking up knowing I don't have a workout scheduled with the girls is going to suck! Working out alone is never going to be the same.

However, I am looking forward to getting my August workouts from Wendy. She promised some intriguing stuff--2 days heavy, 1 day total body kick ass stuff. We had a few minutes & talked about how I feel about where I am & after this weekend am ready to finish it. I'm more energized & really only have about 8 lbs to go (I didn't gain any weight despite the BAD BAD BAD eating done on Sunday-read on). I'm taking my workouts to the gym instead of using my home equipment. I can't wait!

On Thursday morning I got a text from Sandi at 6:00 AM telling me that she was in Charlotte (her layover) & was awaiting to board for Philadelphia. I live close enough to the airport that I was able to do a 30 minute interval workout on the elliptical before getting ready to go. Had to get in 1 last workout before hitting the long road to Maine.

I picked Sandi up at the airport & we hit the road. Because I was so busy talking I missed our exit to get on the highway. DOH! Probably not a good first impression. LOL

Sandi is exactly as she appears online. Easy going & so much fun to talk to. She has the best laugh. Contagious.

We got to Bangor at around 7:30 (traffic in Connecticut SUCKS! no matter what time of day you go through). We let Wendy know we were there & met her for twin lobsters for dinner--Wendy & I had lobster, Sandi had clams & chowdah.

On Friday morning Wendy gave us our first beating. A functional workout that included crabby prisoners burping up a frog; which is about how we felt at the end of the workout.

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a crabby prisoner burping up a frog? It is a crab walk done as a prisoner squat for 30 feet, burpees (5 if I remember right), & leap frogs back. Let me tell you--Wendy can jump like a BIG frog! Sandi & I couldn't stop laughing because we just couldn't leap the way she does.

The functional workout was followed by a grueling, yet exilerating back workout. Wendy helped me with my pull-ups. I need a new bar! I was amazed at what a difference a neutral grip made in getting those done. I still didn't do one by myself but holy moly were my lats engaged!

Working in a gym is very different than working out at home. The equipment is much better & I was able to lift much heavier than I do at home. I couldn't believe it.

We met Deb & Barb. Who are so incredibly blessed with good genes it makes one wonder why God chose them & didn't save some for me. They are small framed & very muscular. Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe it. I heart them!

On Saturday we did BodyPump. Wendy tag team coached with Barb & Deb. It was so much fun! Afterward, we did chest. I managed to get up to 55 lbs (or was it 60?) on the incline bb press. I kept up with the big girls!

We went to Barbs for dinner & played Rock Star or Rock Band or Guitar Hero (whatever it's called). Sandi is a natural! And Wendy? Forget it. Freakishly good with the guitar. LOL

On Sunday we did a conditioning workout with Deb & Barb. Killer.

We went to Acadia & hiked around Jordan Pond. It's so beautiful. We ate well-earned popovers (pronounced pop-ovahs) with butter & strawberry jam. OH MY GOD! So yummy. We also went to Bar Harbor (Bah Hahbah) & had ice cream.

Wendy is a very gracious hostess. She made sure we were well worked & well entertained. I am so glad Sandi & I had the opportunity to go up. The rest of you were missed!

I'm tired exhausted so this isn't as great a post as I had hoped. I'm posting a ton of pictures on Facebook.

Came back to say...Sean...Yeah. I found him to be very insecure. A nice guy that I think genuinely cares about Wendy but has serious hangups with women. I wanted to pulverize him a couple of times--when he was clinging to Wendy or shoving her into the corner of a booth at lunch time. He behaves like a 9 year old boy. I might like him if he would grow up a little.


Doin the Math said...

I think your incline bench was 65! :)

Posting from my phone, so brief, but I miss you girls terribly! Such a fun trip, and love you both! Thanks again to Deb for driving me up and letting me stay at her house last night. Thanks again to Wendy for playing killer trainer and tour guide!!

I will post more 2 my blog when I can. Mom still has dial up, so will prob wait til I'm at my sisters. ;)

stacey said...

It sounds like so much fun. I am really happy for all of you that you were able to get together and do this.

Red Cup Mom said...

What a nice write up from the trip. I knew it was a blast... I bet Wendy's workouts were the best. Leap frog? Crazy!

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