Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Workouts & eating

Are both going well. I've got serious PMS & walked away from chocolate twice today. In fact, I even took a Reese's mini from a jar & gave it to Tracy to eat. For the record, I took it with the intention of giving it to her--she loves Reese's.

My shoulders are sore today--DOMS sore not injury sore. It might be poor form while doing chest work (yes, Wendy, I will want a private session, too). However, it could also be swimming immediately following a chest workout. Don't know for sure. Don't even know how to tell which did it; except to pay really close attention next chest day.

Tonight I went for a 41 minute bike ride around the neighborhood. I intended it to be a steady state workout but the wind & slight inclines at some turns made it an interval workout. Go me.

Last night's elliptical workout was intervals--I didn't do specific 1 minute on, 1 minute off type intervals. Just full out for as long as I could go then recover for as long as it took. Kept the workout interesting.

I am not obsessing about my weight. I am weighing every day again but the scale isn't freaking me out so much at the moment. It might be because I am wearing size 8s!!! I bought 2 more capris this past weekend. They are a little tighter in the rear than I want but I do not even have muffin top!!!! YEAH ME!

I think Wendy should change her website to "Body by Wendy." It's working for me!

I'm off to have a chocolate shake & go to bed.

Came back to add...I think I'm going to have to take a rest day after leg day. Just tried to get up & walk; HOLY MOLY! My legs have tightened right up. It's gonna hurt tomorrow. LOL


Wennndy said...

Oh yeah, getting back to the straight sucks is TOUGH isn't it!!!? Hehehehehe.

I just changed up my training and it's getting me too. :)

Doin the Math said...

WTG, Deb! :)

If I ever get crazy enough (or divorced enough, heh) to consider doing another competiton, I'd SO hire Wendy to get me ready!

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