Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 July

I'm tired, tired, tired tonight. I haven't slept well since John left. I don't like this new job of his & its wearing on me. I guess I have to adjust but still...

Every night our next door neighbor takes his 3 little kids (under the age of 5) into his pool for a swim. The squeals of laughter are so much fun but I miss the peace & quite.

I'm taking a rest day today.

I got on the scale this evening just to see what I way after a full day at work...I weighed 149.5 lbs with a tank, bra, & panties on! The scale is moving. Slowly. But it's moving. Go me.

Must be the cardio. Three days in a row.

I'm having yogurt & oatmeal for dinner cuz I'm too tired to cook & I'm home alone. So there.


Doin the Math said...

I'm sorry you're tired! Rest day sounds like a good idea!

WOOHOO on the scale moving! :)

Rose said...

Enjoy your rest day!

I had to laugh @ your dinner. Being able to enjoy something like yogurt and oatmeal for dinner is, IMO, one of the perks of having DH working out of town. (OTOH, I don't blame you for being bummed.)

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