Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still sick

I'm still fighting off this flu--and I'm pretty sure it's H1N1 (Swine). I've heard that there are several people that work at the clinic that have been diagnosed. I live about 40 minutes from the clinic & was not going to make that drive just to be tested, officially diagnosed, & told, "rest & fluids." What would be the point?

I'm no where near well but I'm doing better. I anticipate it's going to be a few more days before I feel 100% again--that's how long it took John.

I am so very excited about the Road Trip! I wish you all could come.

Sandi is going to fly into Philly & we'll hit the road from here. No specific plans yet but we will be hitting the gym I'm sure. I think we're going to do a BodyPump class. Can't wait.


Kim said...

Girl - I hope you get to feeling better! Yuck!

To answer your question - I use what ever I can find! Seriously. The cheap craft/acrylic paints is what I like best. You know Delta and Folk Art?! The cheaper you go - the thinner it is. The more pricier {and I'm talking of the stuff other than cheap craft paint} the more pigment it has.

That is really all I know of the paints! haha At this point, I've used so many - I know what colors I like in what brand and which ones I use the most - but the craft paint is the way to go!!

Wennndy said...

hope you're feeling better today Deb ... muah!

Rose said...

Oh, Deb, I'm so sorry! Feel better!!

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