Friday, August 1, 2008

Dumb ass!

One of the girls here in the clinic is all, "I want to start drinking protein shakes so I'll get more fit." I'm all, "are you fucking kidding me? You think that's all it's going to take?"

Oh my God! Why are people so fucking stupid?

Clearly I must have PMS.

Okay so here's something not so negative...

I have been stretching & working on my shoulder ROM the last couple of mornings. I cannot lay on the floor & put my hand up over my head. I can with my right arm. I'm working on getting that movement back.

I did do Week 1/Day 2 of the Hundred Push-Up Challenge. Yeah, I need to lay off. My shoulder is still too sensitive. I need to stick to weight training as prescribed by my physical therapist for a while longer.

Tonight I WILL run before I indulge in my Friday evening Adult Beverage of Choice. I need to get some citron vodka on my way home.


Wennndy said...

I love how this post began and ended with beverages! LOL.


Smart move on listening to your shoulder. You're doing so great, it'd be a shame to overdue and suffer a little setback.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think you probably need to ease up on stuff that's outside your pt's recs for your shoulder right now.

Hope you are feeling better!

redcat said...

I agree with Marie, take it easy on the shoulder! Pushups will always be there for you in future. Heal up!

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