Friday, June 13, 2008


That is fear of Friday the 13th. Are you afraid? I'm not. In fact, I didn't realize that today was Friday the 13th until I had to write the check for the AC. Hmm, big deal.

I'm doing better with my eating now that I'm taking a healthier line of thinking. I haven't deprived myself. I'm not eating fat free salad dressings. I have never been able to bring myself to like those. So full fat dressings are going to stick in moderation. As Laura pointed out I'm not intending to do a fitness competition (though I sometimes envy Wendy her drive) so why try to eat like I am.

I need to find some yummy healthy snacks besides fruit. I'm going to buy some ff frozen yogurt. There are some that taste really good. I can do that! I'm also going to make more fruit smoothies--sweetened with stevia.

I don't like to eat things that aren't "real." If it has to have a lot of chemicals added to make it taste good I won't eat it.

Subject change...

This morning I got up & went right out on the deck with my morning coffee. I arranged the chairs nicely & put my books on a table. I sat back & looked around. I have a vacation spot in my own back yard. I love it!

I've got to do 1 "chore" a day in order to be able to enjoy my weekend vacations. Flylady here I come!

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