Sunday, May 18, 2008


My weight is continuing to climb.  I haven't paid attention to what I've been eating & I haven't run in a week.  I have to get my ass in gear & get over the hand-to-mouth disease.
My surgery is in 10 days.  They called to confirm my insurance information yesterday.  Presumably so that they can do the pre-cert.  I will have to keep my food intake under control.

I cancelled my Cathe STS pre-order today.  WTF was I thinking with that one?  If I'm going to spend that kind of money on a DVD series I should just go back to Tony Horton.  I loved his stuff & haven't liked Cathe's stuff in years.  The movements are just too fast & the exercises (I just typed sexercises, snicker) are too "out-there" for my liking.  All that stuff balancing on a ball with heavy weights scares me.  I mean, I know it can be done safely but have you watched me walk?  I can barely do it & you want me to pick up a dumbbell, hold it over my head for an ungodly set of lifting, all while balanced on a ball?  I don't think so.

So...I'm reading NROL4W again.  I'll start that the day the doctor tells me I can begin lifting again.  

I hope that I'll be able to pick running back up after just a few weeks.  We'll see.  I am still planning to run in the ING Philadelphia Distance Race in September.  In fact, John is going to train with me & we're going to run together.  

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