Saturday, March 22, 2008

Similar situations

To quote Marie, "Eerie how similar situations can be, though, yeah?"  Yes.  The thought crossed my mind.  I considered telling her about the similarities but I didn't want to give her reason to think it is okay to go back to him. 

Unfortunately she has been sitting in HIS FUCKING CAR in front of our house for the last 3 hours.  

Here's what I know...

A few weeks ago she found out that he asked a girl out.  She was going to break up with him but he bull shitted her into staying with him.  Then within a week he tells her that "an old friend" got in touch with him & he has a Face Book account; which is how this "friend" is keeping in touch with him.  

She has one & decided to check his out.  She goes on & finds his account is public & the only "friend" he has is another girl.  She knows his email password.  She checks it out & finds that he has been emailing sweet nothings to this girl.  She waits to see if he tells the girl about her.  He doesn't.  After a week she has had/seen enough & decides to break it off.  

She told me today that she took the coward's way out...sent him a long email telling him she is done.  She told him that he doesn't respect her & that she won't put up with that kind of crap...something to that effect.  She said he must have been checking his email because he immediately called her.  She didn't answer the phone.  

She told me all of this today.  I tried to talk to her the way I would a friend.  I told her that she needs to be sure she knows what she wants.  If she wants to go back with him she can't put up with this kind of bull shit.  I also told her that I don't like that if they were to get back togerh I would be worried that they will get married & he can't support her.  She told me that she isn't going to marry her if he can't "bring something more to the relationship." I told her that I thought that meant that she isn't sure of their relationship.  She said she's not.  

My poor baby.

He's been calling her for 2 days.  Sh finally picked up today because she knew it would be difficult at work (they occasionally cross paths at the hotel) & she didn't want to deal with it there.  

Okay workout stuff...

I did legs (duh)...

Leg Extensions 3x12 @ 45 lbs (so there Wendy)
Step Ups 3x12 @ 20 lbs (just about killed me)
Lunges 1x12 @ 15 lbs, 1x12 @ 12 lbs 

My legs felt like they were going to fall off.  

Tomorrow my parents are coming for dinner.  I've got a ham, sweet potatoes, & green bean casserole.  I went to Cheesecake Factory for dessert...I got Linda's Fudge Cake, 2 pieces of plain cheesecake, & a piece of Tiramisu cheesecake.  YUMMY!!!  I am down 4 lbs & am going to splurge tomorrow.  

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