Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy, busy, and more busy

We've moved almost all of my stuff back to the house.  John told me that he had lined up help but turns out he lined up help for two weeks from now.  He had someone come for about an hour but they only moved the couch & the china cabinet.  Needless to say I was not a happy camper when at 5 PM we were still moving shit & weren't even close to being done.  

At one point I started to bitch that this whole thing has felt like punishing me but stopped myself; I'm the one that had to move out; I'm the one that had to live with my parents; I'm the one that had to get my own apartment; I'm the one having to pay my way out of the apartment; I'm the one that had to move myself back.  Whatever.  No point in starting a fight over something that will never change.  I know it will never change & therefore I will either need to live with it or kill him.  

We've been doing a lot of re-organizing & cleaning.  Today we took a carload of crap to Goodwill.  Mostly clothes that we haven't worn in a few years. 

There are a couple of things that he wants to keep doing that I'm fighting--he wants to keep washing dishes by hand but I think that's crap.  I want to use the dishwasher.  I mean hello? I bought it why shouldn't I use it.  We'll have to find a compromise on that issue.

Other than that, things are good so far.


Wennndy said...

Does he enjoy washing dishes? Ugh!!!! I'm with you -- in fact studies show that using a dishwasher actually saves and is far more hygienic. :) But you already know that.

Anonymous said...

Hand washing dishes... oy!

Wennndy said...

(er, I meant to write "saves water" DOH!)

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I thought you were going to say "saves fingernails," lol

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