Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New day

I have a new attitude today.

I'm going to register for She Rox again. I'm going to train hard. I know my time from last year & I'm going to beat it. My swim time is going to be much better---I'm going to work on my breathing by swimming with a float in front of me & keeping my face in the water. I'm also going to ask Alana if she can recommend a swim coach for me.

I'm listening to Max Lucado's 3:16 at my desk. I'm going to listen to it several times because I know I will miss tons of stuff because I'm not concentrating on it.

I don't know how to begin to work on my marriage other than praying for my husband. I'm working on my own heart through praying for him & through digging in deep into Bible study. I am reading & am doing a study about healing. I need to email Ruth & ask for something to do with John, too.

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